Rental properties

Commercial administration

  • Supporting tenants from move-in to move-out
  • Control of rental receipts
  • Recording and maintaining master data (floor plan, photos)
  • Making changes to rental conditions
  • Conclusion, implementation and processing of residential and commercial tenancies
  • Preparation of utility bills
  • Preparation of a business plan in coordination with the owner, recording of the budget and control.
  • Representation of the owners towards tenants, contractual partners, authorities, etc.
  • Monitoring of all kinds of deadlines
  • Out-of-court and in-court assertion of claims against tenants or contractual partners

Financial management

  • Order and invoice processing
  • Allocation of cost types and cost control
  • Invoice verification and payment transactions
  • Reconciliation and monitoring of third-party accounts
  • Evaluations and analyzes of property expenses Preparation of property invoices

Operating and additional cost statements

  • Coordination of external service and supply companies
  • Preparation of individual calculations for tenants
  • Consideration and adjustment of levy advance payments
  • Control and optimization of management costs